Etsdorf, © Werner Kraus

St. James' church in Etsdorf am Kamp

St. James' church & traditional place of pilgrimage

After Falkenstein and Leitzersdorf, the romantic town of Etsdorf, located in the municipality of Grafenegg, is home to the third St. James' church along the Way of St. James in the Weinviertel region.

Due to a fire in Greifenstein castle during which all documents proving its history were destroyed, the recorded facts that remain about this church in Etsdorf am Kamp don't date back very far. This is the reason why it can no longer be said why St. James was chosen as the patron saint of this church.

High altar piece

A special feature of this church is the high altar piece from 1876 by Josef Kessler showing St. James as a preacher. St. James is unmistakably depicted as a pilgrim for he carries, apart from the pilgrim's stick, a bible, a water bottle and a scallop shell.

Etsdorf: A place of pilgrimage with a long tradition

Etsdorf is located at the Wagram ridge and has always marked a safe path off the old river Danube for pilgrims and merchants on their way to Jerusalem. It is also the location of the Festival of St. James which is being celebrated annually on the 25th of July with a celebratory mass and subsequent agape.