Pilgrims, © Weinviertel Tourismus / Lahofer

A pilgrimage is more than a hike

What does it mean to go on a pilgrimage?

In today's hectic world, more and more people decide to draw new strength from a pilgrimage. But what actually is a pilgrimage and how does it work?

A pilgrimage is much more than a hike. A pilgrimage is not about a sporting competition but about being on the road and finding oneself.

Being on the road

Many people decide to give this form of travelling a try and are fascinated. For many, it's a new experience. The saying "he who walks well feels well" is gaining even more importance when on a pilgrimage. However, you should not expect too much of yourself. In the end, it's not a sporting competition. In fact, it's about being on the road and finding yourself. Stretches of approx. 25 km are recommendable as day stages. Everyone has a different background and a different motivation and a different direction. No matter if you pursue spiritual, cultural or sporting goals - tackling the route is a very personal and individual success!

Way of St. James

Ways of St. James are spiritual paths. Paths that people have walked for centuries. "All real living is meeting", Martin Buber writes. On the Way of St. James, one gets plenty of chances to do so. Meeting nature, people, cultural assets, sacred places and, of course, oneself. Spiritual paths offer the opportunity to consciously come to terms with these encounters and reflect on questions that arise for a little bit longer than usual. Being on a pilgrimage is not like hiking. Pilgrims face these encounters and recognise their hidden value which might open up new dimensions. Many problems in life can be solved by a quiet walk, conscious silence and sometimes by a loud cry or a deep inner silence. A pilgrimage gives one the chance and time to do so.

Searching and finding

All the churches along the Way of St. James invite one to visit. Almost all churches are open - on some, you will find a note on how to gain access. They invite one to pray, linger or rest. Furthermore, they provide shelter on rainy days. There are many spiritual places along the Way of St. James in the Weinviertel region. Be it out in nature or in a church. Gazing towards the heavens, marvelling at an altar, reaching into the holy water font or a simple cross on your forehead are only a few of the possibilities to get closer to the secret of religion. Human beings have always and everywhere sought the last secret - we call it God. Look for it and you will find it, too!