Gnadendorf, © Gemeinde Gnadendorf

Municipality of Gnadendorf

Late Baroque parish church

After Niederleis, Gnadendorf is the second municipality along the Way of St. James in the Weinviertel region that is located at the foot of Mount Buschberg.

Just like Niederleis, the 48 km² municipality of Gnadendorf is located at the foot of Mount Buschberg and includes seven cadastral districts.

A diverse landscape and an archaeological excavation site

The surrounding vegetation is characterised by the foot of Mount Buschberg and therefore, dominated by dry grasslands. In the course of excavation work, a Hungarian horse rider's grave dating back to around 960 A.D. was found close to Gnadendorf. In Wenzersdorf, more than 90 silver coins from the 16th century were found in the course of roadworks.

Parish church

Gnadendorf's parish church, decorated in high Baroque style is dedicated to John the Baptist who, in his desert message, encourages people to pave the way for God's coming. Along the path, one will also frequently run into St. Colman, the patron saint of Eichenbrunn, who, on his pilgrimage to the Holy Land in the 11th century, was suspected of being a spy and hung in Stockerau.