Stetteldorf, © Werner Kraus

Market town of Stetteldorf am Wagram

Castle gardens and heavenly landscapes.

Stetteldorf am Wagram stands out with its impressive parish church and Juliusburg castle.

The path to the church leads through romantic and narrow alleys up to the newly designed church square.

Parish church

The church, erected from 1716 to 1726, was preceded by two earlier structures of which the latest one was destroyed in a terrible fire. The church is a Baroque hall church with side chapels and a Gothic south tower. The high altar in Rococo style is a special treat for the eyes. It shows the church's patron saint, John the Baptist. Like almost all the others in this church, the painting is the work of Johann Georg Schmidt, who's also known as Bohemian Schmidt. The altar dedicated to the Virgin Mary shows a copy of the painting Maria Hilf by Lukas Cranach which once hung in the Church of Our Lady at Mount Absberg. The oldest element in this church is the baptismal font which is dated 1585.

Things to see in Stetteldorf am Wagram

Apart from the parish church , Juliusburg castle from 1588 with its romantic castle gardens is well worth a visit. It is also the town's landmark. A show orchard offering plenty of delicacies is located right along the path.

Stetteldorf am Wagram