Poysdorf, © Weinviertel Tourismus / Wurnig

2nd day stage: Poysdorf to Asparn/Zaya

25.7 km – from Poysdorf to Asparn/Zaya

If you choose to walk the entire length of the Way of St. James in the Weinviertel region, the second day stage takes you on a 25.7 km journey from Poysdorf to Asparn an der Zaya and leads you through the municipality's capital Mistelbach.

The second day stage of the Way of St. James in the Weinviertel region starts in Poysdorf, Austria's wine and sparkling wine capital. Surrounded by picturesque cellar alleys - first and foremost the hollow way cellar alley Radyweg - and embedded in the Weinviertel region's vineyards, you pack your rucksack, tie the laces of your hiking boots and set out for Asparn/Zaya.

On the way to the municipality's capital Mistelbach

The path leads you past the passion chapel and follows the course of the Poybach stream. In the middle of a small forest, you reach the pilgrimage church Maria Bründl. A Bründl well is located behind the church whose water is said to have healing powers. It is recommendable to take a short break here. The path continues through the idyllic Bründl wetlands and on to Kleinhadersdorf. Through the colourful Schnellern cellar alley, where every press house is painted in a different colour, the path leads pilgrims to Mistelbach forest. Surrounded by deciduous trees and conifers, you hike through the mixed forest and soon reach the area of Mistelbach, the municipality's capital. The pilgrimage church Maria Rast offers a good opportunity for the next rest stop and so does Mistelbach's city centre which is next on the route. Here, you can refresh and refill your drinking bottles for the rest of the journey at the Way of St. James drinking water fountain located directly in front of the city hall. With many attractions worth seeing and experiencing, such as the MAMUZ museum of Mistelbach, the Nitsch museum or the Dionysos alley, Mistelbach also offers plenty of reasons to stay longer.

On to Asparn an der Zaya, the stage finish

After Mistelbach, the Way of St. James in the Weinviertel region leads you to Hüttendorf. The path leads you to Asparn an der Zayat.On a clear day, you can already see Mount Buschberg, at 491 m the Weinviertel region's highest elevation, in the distance.

Reflect on the impressions from your second day of pilgrimage over a glass of Grüner Veltliner and spend a relaxing night in Asparn an der Zaya. Well rested, you can take on the next day and the third day stage.

Things worth seeing along the second day stage:

  • Wallfahrtskirche Maria Bründl
  • Wallfahrtskirche St. Rochus Kleinhadersdorf
  • Bunte Kellergasse „Schnellern“
  • Wallfahrtskirche Maria Rast
  • Stadtpfarrkirche Mistelbach „St. Martin“
  • MAMUZ Museum Mistelbach und nitsch-Museum
  • Barbarakirche Hüttendorf
  • Kirche Asparn an der Zaya
  • MAMUZ Schloss Asparn an der Zaya
  • Minoritenkloster Asparn