Brunn im Felde, © Werner Kraus

St. James' church in Brunn im Felde

The Josephinian hall church stands out with its late Baroque navel and onion shaped spire.

The fourth and last church dedicated to St. James the Greater along the Way of St. James in the Weinviertel region is located in Brunn im Felde.

Situated at the south end of the town, the St. James' church in Brunn im Felde offers optimal conditions for a reflective intermediate stop on your pilgrimage.

Josephinian hall church

This church has first been mentioned in 1108. In its current form, the church is a Josephinian hall church with a late Baroque nave and an incorporated steeple with onion shaped spire.

Ribbed vaulting and sacramental chest

The oldest parts of the church, the chancel and the impressive ribbed vaults, too, are worth a second look. The left wall is decorated with a late Gothic sacramental chest. The parish of Brunn has been independent since 1783.