Poysdorf, © Weinviertel Tourismus / Wurnig

Municipality of Poysdorf

Wine city and bastion of sparkling wine

Poysdorf, Austria's wine and sparkling wine city, marks the finish of the first day stage if you chose to walk the Way of St. James in the Weinviertel region in its entirety. Wine experience is top priority here.

Above all, Poysdorf captivates visitors with its many cellar alleys. Following the Way of St. James, you will walk through the longest cellar alley in the city called Radyweg, a hollow way cellar alley in which one can also discover exhibition wine cellars.

A long pilgrimage tradition

Poysdorf is located on Brünner Straße and has therefore always been a pass-through point for St. James pilgrims coming from Lwow or Krakow on their way to Santiago de Compostela. Just like everywhere else, they used the relatively safe commercial roads to make progress on their pilgrimage. Even Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Tsar Alexander visited Poysdorf - albeit not as pilgrims.

Time for reflection

Apart from the numerous Heurigen bars, winemakers and excursion destinations - among which WEIN+TRAUBEN Welt (World of Wine and Grapes) or Schlumberger Sektwelt (Schlumberger World of Sparkling Wine) - the city also offers the chance to reflect and spend some quiet time. Poysdorf's church is especially well suited for this purpose. The Baroque city parish church towers above the city and can be seen from afar. The altarpiece shows John the Baptist. The passion chapel in the inner city is another place of tranquillity. However, also the pilgrimage church Maria Bründl with its Bründlquelle (Bründl well), whose water is believed to have healing powers, is located in the municipality.