Niederhollabrunn, © Weinviertel Tourismus / Mandl

Market town of Niederhollabrunn

Mount Michelberg.

In the municipality of Niederhollabrunn, pilgrims are especially attracted by Mount Michelberg, an place for orientation and taking a rest but also one that invites one to enjoy the moment.

After an easy stretch leading through the forest, one reaches Mount Michelberg, an old place of pilgrimage with a pilgrimage church that can seen from afar.

Mount Michelberg

Mount Michelberg offers impressive and far-reaching views in all directions. On a clear day, one can see as far as Mount Schneeberg and the Small Carpathians. The first church on Mount Michelberg was probably built as a parish church on pre-Christian foundations dating back to the 9th century. In 1745, a Baroque pilgrimage church dedicated to the Virgin Mary was erected but torn down again in 1785, since it was too difficult to access for service. It was replaced by the parish church in Haselbach, built from 1785 to 1788.

Things to see in Niederhollabrunn

Grave mounds (tumuli) dating back to the Hallstatt period at the foot of Mount Michelberg are a special attraction in the municipality. Other things worth seeing include, for instance, the birthplace of the well-known lyric Theodor Kramer.