Buschberg, © Weinviertel Tourismus / Mandl

A pure, natural experience

Discovering the many facets of the Weinviertel region's landscape.

The landscape along the Way of St. James in the Weinviertel region is multi-faceted. Vineyards, forests, dry grasslands, the Wagram ridge, the vastness of the Tullnerfeld plains and the Wachau region await you.

From Drasenhofen in the northern Weinviertel region, the Way of St. James in the Weinviertel region leads all the way to Krems an der Donau in the Wachau region. On a length of 153 km, you experience a landscape so rich and versatile it will enchant you.

Between vineyards and vines

A good part of the Way of St. James in the Weinviertel region leads pilgrims over gentle hills. Surrounded by vines and vineyards, you will continue your pilgrimage. In the Weinherbst (wine autumn) season, you can smell the scent of the plump grapes and thus experience the Weinviertel region in a very special way. Also in the Wagram region all the way to the gateway to the Wachau region, vineyards dominate the scenery.

Forests and Leiser mountains natural park

Alas, the Way of St. James in the Weinviertel region also leads you through forests such as the Leiser forest or the Rohr forest. The Rohr forests also features marshlands. The Leiser mountains natural park with Mount Buschberg, the highest point in the Weinviertel region, however, is characterised by dry grasslands similar to a steppe that are the product of the freshwater limestone soil. The limestone soil is rich in clearly visible fossils - even amateurs sometimes find fossilised clam shells and ammonites on pieces of rock in the ploughed fields.

Michelberg and Waschberg

Also the Michelberg - Waschberg ridge is another fascinating piece of landscape. It features some small forests but the majority of its surface is covered in grasslands. The area around Mount Waschberg is also called the cliff zone of the Weinviertel region for it is home to many rare plant species such as orchids and a breathtaking variety of animal species.