Ladendorf, © Weinviertel Tourismus / Mandl

Market town of Ladendorf

Churches and chapels from different eras

On your journey along the Way of St. James, between Mistelbach and Asparn/Zaya, you will touch the boundaries of the municipality of Ladendorf.

The Way of St. James in the Weinviertel region touches the municipality of Ladendorf's area at a woody ridge called Ladendorf forest which is located on the foothills of the Leiser mountains. This point allows excellent views of the municipality's area.

Time for reflection

Three parish churches and a number of chapels from different eras are located in the municipality: From Grafensulz church, a late Romanesque hall dedicated to St. Giles, to the Baroque church structures St. Nicholas in Herrnleis and St. Andrew in Ladendorf to the parish church Neubau, built in 1950. The range of historical buildings continues with two contemporary examples - Prof. Heinz Ebner's main altar executed in glass in the parish church of Ladendorf and Heinz Cibulka's meditation path leading to the cross of peace located at the highest point in the municipality of Ladendorf.

Things to see in Ladendorf

Furthermore, a nature education path in Lindenallee alley informs on everything there is to know about these trees. We also recommend the lovingly designed and very impressive show garden at the town centre. Another treat for the eyes is Ladendorf castle, pictorially embedded in the landscape.