Hausleiten, © Werner Kraus

Market town of Hausleiten

The Weinviertel region's parent parish.

The municipality of Hausleiten marks the transition from the Weinviertel region to that of Wagram. Points of interest include the parish church and the Stirbweg tunnel.

At this point, the Way of St. James in the Weinviertel region leaves the Weinviertel region and enters the region of Wagram.

Parish church

The parish church of Hausleiten is located at a unique place at the beginning of the Wagram ridge. Monks from Passau were the first who built a church here around the year 900 in the course of missionary work. The church's patron saint, St. Agatha, also points to the fact that Bavarians had a part in its construction. The three-naved Basilica with its late Gothic tunnel vault is a church worth seeing. It also serves as a distinct point on the Way of St. James in the Weinviertel region.

Stirbweg tunnel

The stately parsonage shows that Hausleiten has great significance: Even today, the parish of Hausleiten includes eight small village chapels in the parish's outlets. Underneath the parsonage, the so called Stirbweg tunnel leads to the foot of the Wagram ridge. Its name ("way of the dead") refers to times when the deceased from the neighbouring villages were taken to the cemetery through this tunnel. The Stirbweg tunnel marks an interesting point for pilgrims for it serves as the connection to the path leading to Gaisruck along the Wagram ridge.