Feuersbrunn, © Michaela Koller

Market town of Grafenwörth

Wine town.

Following the Way of St. James in the Weinviertel region, you will pass through Feuersbrunn which is part of the municipality of Grafenwörth.

Grafenwörth was officially mentioned for the first time in 1210 as an independent parish. Fires and floods destroyed the first church. Today's church, a Josephinian hall construction, is dedicated to St. Andrew.


In the area of the municipality of Grafenwörth, pilgrims pass through Feuersbrunn. The town's name was for the first time mentioned in records as "Vuzzesprunnen" in 1149. The town's parish church is dedicated to St. Giles. A special feature of the church of Feuersbrunn are three altar pieces by Kremser Schmidt. They show St. Giles, St. Vinzenz Ferrer and St. Johannes Nepomuk.

Things to see in Grafenwörth

The municipality of Grafenwörth is characterised by living folk tradition. The people of Grafenwörth, one of the oldest and most important wine towns in Lower Austria, value music, their homeland and culinary delicacies.