From the start to the municipal capital of Mistelbach

1-day stage

This 31.3 km 1-day stage takes you from the start in Drasenhofen to the municipal capital of Mistelbach.

Type of stage: 1-day stage

Start: Municipal office Drasenhofen

Finish: Mistelbach main square

Length: 31.3 km

Level of difficulty: challenging

Public transportation links: Railway and taxi

Arrival: S2 Laa/Thaya, taxi to Drasenhofen

Departure: S2 to Vienna/Laa

Highlights along the way:

  • Parish church of Drasenhofen
  • Parish church of Kleinschweinbarth
  • Parish church of Stützenhofen
  • St. James' church in Falkenstein
  • City parish church of Poysdorf
  • Passion chapel of Poysdorf
  • Pilgrimage church Maria Bründl
  • Pilgrimage church Maria Rast