From Asparn to Ernstbrunn (from 12 years)

2-day stage

This 14.4 km 2-day stage takes you from Asparn an der Zaya over Mount Buschberg all the way to Ernstbrunn and you return on the Weinviertel handcar.

Type of stage: 2-day stage

Start: Parish church Asparn/Zaya

Finish: Parish church of Ernstbrunn

Length: 14.4 km

  • 1st day: Asparn/Zaya – Ernstbrunn 14.4 km
  • 2nd day: Return voyage to Asparn on the Weinviertel handcar

Level of difficulty: challenging

Public transportation links: Railway and taxi

Arrival: S2 Mistelbach, taxi Asparn/Zaya or rail taxi

Departure: S2 Mistelbach, taxi Asparn/Zaya or rail taxi

Places for overnight stays: Ernstbrunn

Highlights along the way:

  • Mount Buschberg
  • Observation tower on Mount Oberleis
  • Zoo and Wolf Science Center Ernstbrunn
  • Weinviertel handcar
  • MAMUZ castle Asparn/Zaya

Due to the length of some sections and the ride on the handcar, this stage is only suitable for people from 12 years of age!