From Absberg to Etsdorf/Kamp

2-day stage

This 21.2 km 2-day stage takes school classes and families from Absberg to Etsdorf am Kamp.

Type of stage: 2-day stage

Start: Absberg cellar alley

Finish: St. James' church in Etsdorf am Kamp

Length: 21.2 km

  • 1st day: Absberg cellar alley – Kirchberg/Wagram 6.8 km
  • 2nd day: Kirchberg/Wagram – Etsdorf/Kamp 14.4 km

Level of difficulty: challenging

Public transportation links: Railway and taxi

Arrival: Franz-Josef railway to Absdorf/Hippersdorf, railway to Absberg

Departure: Franz-Josef railway from Etsdorf/Straß to Vienna's Franz-Josef station

Places for overnight stays: Kirchberg

Highlights along the way:

  • Absberg cellar alley
  • Königsbrunn/Wagram cellar alley
  • Garden for people with a sweet tooth and alchemists' park in Kirchberg/Wagram
  • Alchemy exhibition - historic town hall in Kirchberg/Wagram
  • Pilgrimage church Maria Trost
  • St. James' church in Etsdorf am Kamp