Absdorf, © Werner Kraus

Market town of Absdorf

Cellar alley and pilgrimage church.

With marvellous views, an impressive cellar alley and churches, the market town of Absdorf offers pilgrims pure enjoyment.

In 1849, the formerly independent municipalities of Oberabsdorf and Unterabsdorf united to form the town of Absdorf.

Parish church

The parish church is dedicated to the same patron saint as the founding monastery of Niederaltaich - St. Mauritus. Oberabsdorf's church was built as a monastery church and became a parish church in the 13th century. During the time of the reformation, Absdorf was home to protestant preachers such as the former superintendent Georgius Kuen who died in 1601 and was buried in the parish church of Absdorf. Only during the time of Joseph II's parish restructuring, the parish of Oberabsdorf was reinstalled and the church was reconstructed. However, parts of the previous structure from the 11th century can still be seen in today's church.

Things to see in Absberg

Absberg's upper and lower cellar alleys are particularly impressive and provide the ideal place for a rest - there are benches and stations to fill water bottles. Those interested in history should take some time to visit the Oskar Mann museum of local history and the adjacent speciality wine shop.