Stockerau, © Weinviertel Tourismus / Mandl

Municipality of Stockerau

Lower Austria's highest steeple

Being the Weinviertel region's largest city, Stockerau impresses holiday makers and pilgrims alike with its many facets.

Apart from cultural facilities and optimal infrastructure, what makes the largest city in the Weinviertel region stand out are its recreation areas. Stockerau's floodplain forest, located between the city and the river Danube, gives the city its name.

City parish church

The 88 m high church steeple, the largest of its kind in Lower Austria, can be seen from afar. It is also Stockerau's landmark. The Way of St. James in the Weinviertel region leads pilgrims along the monastery walls, where a plaque points to the site of St. Colman's execution. Only very sparing records exist on the first parish church whose construction took 109 years, from 1014 to 1123. It had to be reconstructed due to Hussite attacks, fires and structural deficiencies. A marvellous church staircase leads one onto the church square. Following plans drawn by the Viennese master builder Peter Mollner, the Stockerau people erected the steeple and the navel after one another in the style of early Classicism. Only scant remains are left of the original parish church - for instance, the Herald's bell called Elferin from 1657, the Pieta in the side chapel, the Mount of Olives on the outer walls and some gravestones.

Things to see and experience in Stockerau

Stockerau's floodplain forests are an important recreation area. Since 1994, this has been a protected area. Stockerau's floodplain forests extend from Stockerau all the way to the river Danube. On almost 350 ha, the forests offer pristine nature. There, more than 41 species of fish and numerous types of birds can be observed in their natural habitats. One can also visit museums, exhibitions and historical buildings in Stockerau. For example, the car museum, the Belvedere palace with district museum, numerous Lenau memorials, the city hall and much more.