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6th day stage: Kirchberg/Wagram to Krems/Donau

29.4 km – from Kirchberg am Wagram to Krems an der Donau

The sixth and final day stage of the Way of St. James in the Weinviertel region takes pilgrims from Kirchberg/Wagram to Krems/Donau. Two St. James' churches are located along this stretch which leads you into the well known Wachau region.

Kirchberg am Wagram is the starting point of the last stage of the Way of St. James in the Weinviertel region. One more time, you need to tie the laces of your hiking boots and refill your water bottle. In full anticipation of reaching the goal soon, one can start the last day of pilgrimage.

On to the St. James' churches

Starting at Kirchberg am Wagram, you will hike to Engelmannsbrunn and reach its church of St. Joseph. Surrounded by fields and vineyards, you will then arrive in Fels am Wagram. Opposite the church, rest stops provide the opportunity for an intermediate break. Passing St. Nepomuk and his well-known sheet metal parasol, you hike through the town and continue in the direction of Feuersbrunn in the municipality of Grafenwörth. Subsequently, you reach Etsdorf in the area of Grafenegg, where you will arrive at the St. James' church of Etsdorf, the third church dedicated to St. James along the entire way. After that, you follow a dirt track into the beautiful floodplains before reaching Brunn im Felde. At this point, you pass the fourth and last St. James' church along the Way of St. James in the Weinviertel region - the St. James' church of Brunn im Felde.

Through the Wachau region to the finish, the Bürgerspital church in Krems

After that, the Way of St. James in the Weinviertel region takes you to Gedersdorf. From Gedersdorf, the gateway to the Wachau region, the last stage of your journey leads you through the cellar alley into the vineyards. From this point, panoramic views of the vast region accompany you all the way to Krems. Passing the wine growing estate Lenz Moser and Ried sand pit 13, you walk in the direction of Krems. When arriving in the inner city and the bustling pedestrian zone of Krems, you have reached the end of the Way of St. James in the Weinviertel region, Bürgerspital church in Krems.

After a 6 days' pilgrimage, Krems marks the finish of the Way of St. James in the Weinviertel region. All those who want to continue can do so by taking the connection to the Way of St. James Göttweig-Melk. From here, it's roughly 3,150 km to Santiago de Compostela.

Things worth seeing along the sixth day stage:

  • Church of St. Joseph in Engelmannsbrunn
  • Parish church of Fels/Wagram
  • Parish church of Feuersbrunn
  • St. James' church in Etsdorf
  • Parish church of Diendorf
  • St. James' church in Brunn im Felde
  • St. James' church in Gedersdorf
  • Felser castle
  • Museum of local history
  • Gösing Marterl route
  • Feuersbrunn parish church dedicated to St. Andrew
  • Grafenegg castle
  • Parish church of Rohrendorf
  • Bürgerspital church in Krems
  • Art mile Krems
  • City parish church of Krems
  • Piarist church of Krems