Niederleis, © Weinviertel Tourismus / Mandl

Municipality of Niederleis

At the foot of Mount Buschberg

Above the town of Niederleis, the Way of St. James leads to the highest elevation in the Weinviertel region, Mount Buschberg.

Located at the foot of the Leiser mountains, Niederleis is situated on historical soil. Archaeological findings from the neolithic and Celtic periods, from the time of the Roman Empire as well as from the era of the barbarian migrations dug up in and around the old cemetery, some 1 km from the town of Niederleis, prove this.

Parish church

The parish church Maria im Felde burnt down in 1808. In 1814, the new and current parish church in classical style was erected in the southern part of the town. It is dedicated to the ascension of the Virgin Mary and serves as a sign for the Christian hope that, upon death, the entire human being with all its characteristics will find fulfilment with god.

Things to see in Niederleis

Niederleis is embedded in a valley south of Mount Buschberg. Surrounded by Leiser mountains natural park, it is a veritable paradise of nature. Other attractions well worth a visit include the moated castle Niederleis, the museum of local history, Harry Raab's art house, Margit StuckART and Georg Olbrich's Keramikhof (ceramics yard). Paying a visit to these little but exquisite artists' workshops will be well worth your while.