Königsbrunn, © Marktgemeinde Königsbrunn

Market town of Königsbrunn am Wagram

An idyllic wine town.

Königsbrunn am Wagram captivates visitors with its vineyards and the idyllic loam cellars and offers places for reflection and inspiration with its parish church and the Lourdes chapel.

The idyllic wine town of Königsbrunn is embedded in the vineyards of the Wagram ridge. Delicious wines grow along its southern slopes.

Parish church

On an elevation of the Wagram ridge, in the centre of the town, lies the church of Königsbrunn. The first chapel was officially mentioned in 1429; the parish was founded in 1783 and separated from Kirchberg am Wagram. The church dedicated to John the Baptist was erected on top of a well that gave the town its name (the town's name translates into "king's well"). Today, the well is being diverted underground. The church with its single navel is decorated with a range of paintings in Nazarene style.

Lourdes chapel and cellar alleys

The idyllically located Lourdes chapel at Mount Bromberg is particularly worth seeing. Just 5 minutes away from the church, it offers pilgrims a place for a pleasant stop and a chance to fill their bottles. The cellar alley, where walnut trees provide welcome shade in summer, also invites one to take a rest.

Königsbrunn am Wagram