Kirchberg am Wagram, © Werner Kraus

Market town of Kirchberg am Wagram

Pilgrimage church Maria Trost and district speciality wine shop Weritas.

In the course of the pilgrimage along the Way of St. James in the Weinviertel region, you will also reach the municipality of Kirchberg am Wagram. The pilgrimage church Maria Trost and the district speciality wine shop Weritas await you there.

Coming from Unterstockstall, pilgrims reach the market town of Kirchberg am Wagram. Its southern part is located in the Tullnerfeld plains and its northern part on the Wagram ridge.

Pilgrimage church Maria Trost

The parish church located on the edge of the Wagram ridge can be seen from afar. Its patron saint is St. Stephen, the patron saint of the Diocese of Passau. The former Gothic structure from the 14th century was redesigned in Baroque style in the early 18th century.

Things to see and experience in Kirchberg am Wagram

Apart from the pilgrimage church Maria Trost, the town also features the fascinating "edible landscape" park. The garden for people with a sweet tooth is also equipped with a drinking water well and invites one to take a rest. Also, you shouldn't miss the district speciality wine shop Weritas, especially if you are interested in fine wines.

Kirchberg am Wagram