Fels am Wagram, © Werner Kraus

Market town of Fels am Wagram

A wine town with a parish church and an observation tower.

Fels am Wagram captivates with its parish church, an observation tower that allows one to see the path ahead and idyllic cellar alleys.

The Wagram landscape with its long-range views and vineyards is ideal for pilgrims. It allows pilgrims to look ahead and offers the opportunity to take in long-range views on the next day stage.

Parish church

In its current form, Fels am Wagram's church dates back to the 1960s. The Gothic presbytery, the steeple as well as the walls on the western and southern sides were untouched by rehabilitation works in 1965. In the church itself, one can find many traces of the Baroque painter Kremser Schmidt who was born in Grafenwörth. He also created the high altar painting dedicated to the church's patron saint, St. Margaret. An image showing the Holy Trinity is located above the high altar piece.

Things to see in Fels am Wagram

Besides taking in breathtaking views from the observation tower and paying a visit to the parish church, you should also see the wine and nature education trail Hammergraben and St. Nepomuk with its sheet metal parasol. The picturesque cellar alleys also provide an impressive spectacle.

Fels am Wagram