Ernstbrunn, © Weinviertel Tourismus

Market town of Ernstbrunn

Oberleis mountains, wolves and much more

After having successfully tackled Mount Buschberg, the Way of St. James will lead you to the municipality of Ernstbrunn.

The path takes pilgrims over Mount Oberleis, a 454 m high mountain with a lookout post from which one can enjoy the impressive panorama.

Churches and chapels

Besides the pilgrimage church Maria Oberleis, you should also pay a visit to the parish church of Ernstbrunn. Its patron is St. Martin, a truly European pilgrim. Born in Hungary, he served as a soldier in Gaul and Germania, became a missionary in the Balkan region and died as a bishop in France. In the parish church's chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary, one will find a miraculous image taken from the old Bründl church which had been a popular destination for pilgrims.

A pure nature experience

Ernstbrunn is characterised by its natural environment. Apart from Leiser mountains natural park, Ernstbrunn forest plays a central role in this. A well-known and popular destination for day trips is Ernstbrunn wildlife park, where domestic game can be seen and studied in its natural habitat. The wildlife park also harbours a  very special highlight - its Wolf Science Center! At this place, where the behaviour of wolves is being investigated, you can see wolves up close!