Falkenstein, © Weinviertel Tourismus / Mandl

Through the cellar alleys, the "villages without chimneys"

Pilgrimage through cellar alleys

Cellar alleys are the landmark of the Weinviertel region and are regarded to be a special cultural and historical feature that characterises the Weinviertel region and its landscape. Along the Way of St. James in the Weinviertel region, you will find a wide variety of cellar alleys.

The majority of the roughly 1,100 cellar alleys in Lower Austria are located in the Weinviertel region. In the old days, the wine cellars in the cellar alleys were used as production and storage premises. Today, the wine is most often pressed on the wine growing estates themselves but in many towns, the cellar alleys are being preserved and brought back to life on special occasions.

The cellar alleys along the Way of St. James in the Weinviertel region

In the course of your pilgrimage along the Way of St. James in the Weinviertel region, you will have the chance to revel at this special feature of the Weinviertel region for many cellar alleys are situated along the path.

  • Cellar alley of Drasenhofen (former emperor's road)
    The former emperor's road and current cellar alley of Drasenhofen, located at the town's northern entrance consists of a little more than 25 press houses and their cellars. The lovingly restored press houses have been preserved with their original structures which makes the cellar alley and its press houses and cellar tunnels a piece of preserved folk tradition.
  • Cellar alley Oagossn in Falkenstein
    Falkenstein's Oagossn alley has been a popular destination for day trips for decades. The two rows of cellars opposite one another include 64 press houses with adjacent dug out cellars.
  • Cellar alley Radyweg in Poysdorf
    Radyweg alley takes you into the wine and sparkling wine city of Poysdorf. Radyweg, a hollow way alley, is the longest of many cellar alleys in Poysdorf and is lined with Robinia (acacia) trees.
  • Colourful Schnellern cellar alley in Kleinhadersdorf
    Between Kleinhadersdorf and the Mistelbach forest, the Way of St. James in the Weinviertel region takes you through the "colourful cellar alley". The name says it all - each press house is painted in a different colour.
  • Neugebäude cellar alley in Absdorf
    The cellar alley Neugebäude in Absdorf stands out with the many sunny hours it enjoys in its favourable location. Even during winter, the cellar alley is suffused with light and is thus being somewhat warmed up.